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MAP Wiki goes Online

MAP Wiki goes Online

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A good project also benefits from its good and above all current documentation. This we have done in the past, especially in the timeliness with new versions not always.

This is why the P.M. project in the last two months, went to work and set up a wiki. As part of this we also have our old articles in the new wiki revised.

Currently most items is only available in German. However, it is the Wiki in other languages, currently only in English. If, however, nor the need for another language, easy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Request The wiki articles are the way of the internal script language linked, so you can quickly and easily Setting rate in a different language. The German article shall be the basis or Refferenz.

We will link the menu on in the future with the new Wiki, so you land directly on the wiki. its addition, the Wiki (MediaWiki) divided into Kategoien, which related topics can be found more quickly.

The community is invited to help themselves in the documentation. Should notice something, simply edit the article our project managers always have an eye on the wiki so that the timeliness and accuracy in the future should be no longer an issue!

Click here for the new German Wiki:

Click here for the new English Wiki:

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