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Release MAP V2.4.3

Release MAP V2.4.3

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The development of MAP was very slow in 2011. But just before christmas we want´s to release a new bugfix for you guys.

We had a lot of trouble with Slice 3.4.1, because MAP was not compatible! Finally we have fixed this issue! MAP supports now also PHP 5.3.

Attention (!): MAP can be updated since this major-release (V2.4.x) - also with a updatescript! How does this work? See here!

Here the list of changes since the last Release:

- 0000164: [virtual Server] virtual Servers will be not detected (P.M.)
- 0000171: [Logging functions] Logging Server selecting wrong (P.M.)
- 0000174: [virtual Server] Virtual servers detection (P.M.)
- 0000143: [Settings] "+"-Button in Toolbar (P.M.)
- 0000192: [ZeroC Ice (Slice)] MAP doesn´t work with Slice 3.4.x (P.M.)
- 0000190: [Corefunctions] MAP collects to much connections to slice (P.M.)


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