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Release MAP V2.4.0

Release MAP V2.4.0

   17531 hits The team has worked in the past 10 months flat out on this release. Never in the history of this project would last for a release so much and improved. The MAP has been this major release its own authorization system with OOP programming, and an entirely redundant slice interface to communicate with the server Murmur.

Seemingly infinite amount of work!

We are very proud of the new MAP. Especially we would like to thank all who have contributed to the beta test that has become a success! It was not always easy to be patient while keeping the development of this release, because the changes and the unfinished work on MAP V2.4.0 sometimes seemed endless! This release may look somewhat more like in V2.3.1, but is technically code and compare the code in style at all any more with the previous model! The release was adapted from scratch and completely reworked to the new authorization system.

The new permission system

At the beginning of the work, so during the work on V2.3.0 we had spoken to the team that the old entitlement system was agreed with the complexity of the MAP more! Therefore, we began the design and planning of new doors Struck, classes, functions to determine fairly quickly if we do that, then it gets really hard work! And we laid los! In the first 4 months it was to influence the Struck doors of the MAP so that even further and it can be done with it, but nevertheless the new authorization system may be implemented. This task, not to throw away old code and connect with the new, brought us many points to despair! But now it is there and in new versions can be easily extended to new areas of authority. Thus, we have created in the future the possibilities for an API and addons! In this first release with the new privilege system, you have the option groups and admin permissions in 114 different predictability defined. This shows the possibilities in, for example, for hosting companies.

What can the new permission system?

Everything! It can also group permissions are assigned individual permissions. Group ratings means a group can be assigned any number of admins in the MAP, which then inherit the permissions of the group. Thus, new administrators simply have previously created group will be assigned and thus inherit the permissions that they may have. In addition to the Admins group permissions can also be assigned individual permissions. If, for example, in a group 30 and an admin admins still get an additional calculation, it can then receive the permission without that other admins get this they have to. In addition to the group rating system in the MAP or a so-called account type to be defined. With this function can be defined, whether it is an admin for a reseller (ie a seller) or a customer. This status is defined in the end if an admin has the rights of multiple virtual servers or just one, its associated server to manage. Moreover, it is in this version the first time possible to assign an admin multiple virtual servers that can then administer it.

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The new Slice Interface

As we have DBUS 31.12.2010 and this version (which was the other way to communicate with the server Murmur) no longer support, we decided also in the development of this version that implement the interface to slice completely in the MAP and to remove all DBUS functions. For example, MAP supported in this version to ensure the first time the SecureICE password to ensure secure communication between MAP and the Murmur server and also to exclude unauthorized access.

The new Template

In the early development of this version we have begun "black_planet" the old templates and "blue_world" and remove the "default" to optimize template. Pictures of the new template's here in our screenshot gallery!

MAP can run without Murmur!

The title is somewhat confusing, but it's true! Thanks to the new slice MAP interface is now also the first independent, to be installed without Murmur. That is, MAP must be installed no longer in the same database and with the same database prefix as Murmur! Murmur can run, for example, now with a. Sqlite-file database! Is important, however, that in the settings of the MAP of Slicehost and port are specified correctly, but this work if MAP and Murmur are installed on the same system, from the beginning without a problem. Of course, MAP also manage Murmur server to another server and administer!

Windows Server and Linux Server compatible!

The Mumb1e Admin plugin has been successfully tested during the beta testing on: Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 installation with IIS, as well as Windows desktop PCs with a local XAMPP. Unnamed Distributonen should, given the use of PHP and web standards also be compatible.

Bugs and Feature Requests

In our tracker you will find lots of bugfixes and new features. Here's an overview:

0000160 [Permission System] bei Server erstellen + editieren kann der verantwortliche vom Kunden geändert werden (P.M.)
0000162 [Admin (Customer)] Andmin profiles visible (P.M.)
0000151 [virtual Server] "Bezahlt bis" unübersichtlich (P.M.)
0000158 [Permission System] Berechtigungen von Admins editieren: Typ, Gruppe und Server (P.M.)
0000157 [Permission System] Kunden bekommen in der Listendarstellung Reseller angezeigt (P.M.)
0000142 [Template / Design] Buttons ohne Funktion (P.M.)
0000154 [Admin (Customer)] nach Admin erstellen in Infobox fehlende Übersetzung (P.M.)
0000146 [Installer] Unklarheit bei den Admin Daten (P.M.)
0000147 [Installer] DB Prefix als NULL-Wert angeben können (P.M.)
0000134 [Installer] CHMOD Check von neuen Verzeichnissen (P.M.)
0000132 [Installer] /start/index.php zeigt Fehler, wenn MAP noch nicht Installiert ist (P.M.)
0000136 [Settings] ICE Passwort kann nur mit 6 Zeichen definiert werden (P.M.)
0000139 [ZeroC Ice (Slice)] ICE Passwort länge (P.M.)
0000140 [Settings] Default Anzahl an Einträge in der neuen Tabelle (P.M.)
0000144 [Template / Design] Anzeige Seite/"Anzahl an Seiten" ist änderbar (P.M.)
0000145 [Channelviewer] Mumble-Direktverbindungslink funktioniert nicht mit 1.2.3 (P.M.)
0000150 [Admin (Customer)] Avatar wird nicht gelöscht (P.M.)
0000155 [Admin (Customer)] Checkbox auswahl bei User erstellen (P.M.)
0000159 [Template / Design] Eingeloggt als (P.M.)
0000126 [Request Functions] reCaptcha implementieren um Sicherheit zu erhöhen (P.M.)
0000135 [virtual Server] Fehler bei Server erstellen Seite (P.M.)
0000133 [Installer] Windows Murmur Server Update auf 1.2.3 (P.M.)
0000156 [Settings] Auswahlmöglichkeiten der Sprache und Template zeigt falsche Werte an (P.M.)
0000148 [virtual Server] bei Server erstellen wird auf Windows Servern die IP nicht erkannt (P.M.)
0000149 [Permission System] Admins können mit fehlenden Berechtigungen für Gruppen und Server erstellt werden
0000141 [Corefunctions] Sonderzeichenproblem (P.M.)
0000122 [ZeroC Ice (Slice)] Secure ICE (P.M.)
0000093 [Channelviewer] ext. Channelviewer: Direktverbindung zum Server ermöglichen (P.M.)
0000095 [User (server´s user)] Namen auf Sonderzeichen überprüfen erstellen/editieren (P.M.)
0000124 [Channelviewer] Darstellungs-Reihenfolge der User/Channel (P.M.)
0000130 [Channelviewer] Icons Recording und prioritySpeaker hinzufügen (P.M.)
0000123 [Logging functions] Checkboxen für LogListen (P.M.)
0000096 [Permission System] Berechtigungssystem erneuern (P.M.)
0000101 [Admin (Customer)] Berechtigungsvergabe beim erstellen eines MAP Users (P.M.)
0000103 [Admin (Reseller)] MAP User können selbst Sprache und Template wählen (P.M.)
0000097 [virtual Server] Neue Felder zu Server und Kunden hinzufügen (P.M.)
0000098 [Admin (Customer)] MAP user können mehrere Server verwalten (P.M.)
0000100 [virtual Server] virtuelle Server sollen nach def. Zeit abschaltbar sein (P.M.)
0000117 [Corefunctions] Suchen-Funktion (P.M.)
0000091 [General] Ablauf der Coockies definerbar (P.M.)
0000125 [Admin (Reseller)] Create new user fails but still gives positive confirmation and email to user (P.M.)
0000121 [Request Functions] Keine Prüfung vorhandener E-Mail-Adressen oder Benutzernamen (P.M.)
0000087 [General] Listen sortier Funktion (P.M.)


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