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With the Mumb1e Admin Plugin, called also MAP, a Mumble server can be very simply administered. The MAP is a web interface, based on PHP and DBUS. DBUS an additional tool, Middleware is called to communicate between PHP and the Mumble server. If we speak of a Mumble server, is meant with it Murmur, the server-sided application with the client-sided Mumble kommunitziert. The MAP works not with Mumble, but with Murmur. However, what is the Mumb1e Admin Plugin able to do now everything?

The Mumb1e Admin Plugin has been written for it to allow the registration or management of server to users. In the course of that virtual servers can be provided with the help of the MAP, be administered and be extinguished, as well as correspond Plugin Admins zugewisen become which administer the servers user. There are given detailed administrative possibilities which make possible, e.g., Serverhosting!

Here now the single functions in detail:

  • Languages: In German and English; other languages can be added themselves
  • Template: different Templates already available: "default" and "black_planet"; Templatesystem makes own Template very simply possible, so that the MAP on CMS or other Webcontents can be adapted!
  • Security: MAP is of use Coockies and PHP-Sessions with which the data are certainly protected. Moreover, all managements are certainly protected by internal queries and not to reach for unauthorized therefore!
  • Authorisation system: The Script makes a distinction between "global user MAP" and "server of user MAP". If one looks at the example of a Serverhosters, the company would be the "global user MAP", that the authorisations has to administer all servers and the customer would be the "server of user MAP", the only authorisations has to administer his own server. Furthermore single authorisations with which every single Section to "permissible" or "bans" can become can be still awarded. Thus a full control of the users MAP is possible!
  • Server: Construction, detail view, editing (many different settings), extinguishing and other server functions. Start and stop virtual server.
  • MAP User: as already beschieben gives so-called "global users MAP" and "server of user MAP". Users MAP can log in according to the Mumb1e Admin Plugin, in contrast to "server to users". Users MAP can also not combine on the Mumble. Users MAP are planned only for administration in the MAP! As already described there are extensive authorisations which can become to every single user MAP zugewisen. Users MAP can provide server user, server and user MAP. "Nevertheless, servers of user MAP" can provide only for her own server other "servers user MAP " if this owns the suitable authorisations. Users MAP can be edited applied, rejected, activated, provides, and be extinguished.
  • Server user: Servers user can be applied or be provided by users MAP. Servers user are the users around letzendlich in the MAP turns. With these accounts the player letzendlich with the Mumble server can combine. Servers user cannot log in in the MAP. Servers user can be edited applied, rejected, activate, provides, and be extinguished.
  • Accounts apply for function: The Mumb1e Admin Plugin provides V1.3.0 since them apply for function. With this Community members in a form can give her desired account data and send to a responsible user MAP. Then users MAP can edit comfortably the applied accounts to server or users-MAP, decline or freischalten. The Community member is held about all steps with the help of e-mail function on the topical state and also gets thus his new connecting data via e-mail from the Script informed. In that apply for function, moreover, a Captcha and security password query is integrated, so that Spam-Bots no attack place is offered!
  • E-mail function: E-mail function is completely integrated into the Script and operates by almost every action. If this is switched on in the server settings, herewith info e-mails are sent to all anew provided servers or users MAP. Therefore the user MAP has it much lighter and must not inform the users by hand about her new account data. Moreover, e-mail plays function as on top explained a big role with the "accounts apply for function". Furthermore it is to be sent possibly e-mails as a user MAP to certain groups. Thus, e.g., the "server of user MAP can send" a mass mail to all servers to user to inform this, e.g., about the fact that the servers IP has changed.
  • Settings: In this Section it is possible, e.g. to change the side title of the Plugin or the version announcement. Moreover, the language of the Plugins and the Template can be selected. It is also possible, settings for the "accounts apply for function" to carry out, possibly the definition of the security password.